3 Mindset Shifts To Overcome Chronic Quitting

Hi, my name is Emma.

And I’m a quitter.


I’ve had a lot of dreams, goals, and big ideas in my lifetime. I’ve started a lot of projects. But I’ve quit them all.

I used to think that I’m different from other people. You know – the successful ones. The ones who’ve achieved great things. I used to look at folks who have been successful, reached their goals and overcome adversity and assume they have some THING that I simply do not possess.


Am I missing a fundamental component of success?


The girl who grew up on the street, but now has her Ph.D. and wrote a best-selling memoir? She’s got it.


That double amputee who lost his legs on Mt. Everest, and then came back to reach the summit? He’s got it.


The high school educated house-wife who started a multi-million dollar company from home? She’s got it.

And recently, I realized something… I can have it too.


Because ultimately, success is all about mindset.


I have reached a point in my life where I am being forced to face my future. My children will be all in school in a few years. The next phase is beginning. I have choices to make.



So here are three shifts in thinking that are changing my life. They are simple. But, they are powerful.


1) Life is short.


This is the unvarnished truth. We only have so much time. And as I approach mid-life, I am becoming more and more aware that time is running out. Do I want to come to the end and look back on all the dreams I DIDN’T reach for only because I lacked the courage?!

THIS is what should scare me. I am running out of time.


2) It’s Never Too Late to Start


I think a lot of people who are considering taking on new things later in life wonder if it’s too late for them. It’s a constant doubt that nags at me. Yes, life is short.

This is what those little niggling doubts whisper to me:

“You’re too old. You missed the window of opportunity. It’s too late for this. You should have begun sooner. No one will take you seriously. You don’t have enough time to achieve anything. You can’t learn new things at this point. Everyone else who’s doing this is younger than you.”


And on and on.


If success is all about mindset. (And it is.)

And if those who have achieved great things are NO DIFFERENT than I am. They just have a MINDSET of perseverance.

Then my potential for success has nothing to do with how old I am, or how much time I’ve wasted this far. It only requires that I shift my thinking, and GO FOR IT.



3) I Want to Model Courage and Perseverance for My Children


They are watching me.

Do I want them to believe they can achieve their own goals? That courage and perseverance can help them accomplish great things, in spite of the obstacles?

I am the model. I am their first teacher. And the path that I take with my own life will influence them in ways I cannot know.

Novelist Joyce Maynard put it beautifully.

It’s not only children who grow. Parents do too. As much as we watch to see what our childrenĀ do with their lives, they are watching us to see what we do with ours.

I can’t tell my children to reach for the sun.

All I can do it reach for it myself.


This idea is a motivator for me as I choose my path. I especially think of my 7-year-oldĀ daughter as she demonstrates an incredible imagination and creativity. I want her to grow up believing she can do anything.

Do I believe it?


My name is Emma.

I used to be a chronic quitter. But not anymore.


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