A Dream (house) Deferred

Today, we looked at a house.

And let me tell you, this is my dreeeeaaam house.  In my dream location. (It is not, however, my dream price. But let’s just set that detail aside, for now, shall we?)

Ever since I was a little girl, I have imagined my far-off, fantasy, grownup life in a house like this. It’s a beautiful, flawlessly cared-for Victorian. Complete with original woodwork, leaded windows, grand staircase, and carriage house. Updated. With new appliances and a modern HVAC system. A third-floor family room. You name it. I could go on…

But I’ll spare you.

I didn’t even want to go look at this house.

That was Mr. G’s idea. It’s only a block from us.  And the open house was happening at a convenient moment. We had nothing else on the schedule. So we went.


We could have made an offer on the house of my dreams. We couldn’t offer nearly what the sellers are hoping to get. But if we stretched a little…. if they would negotiate……


We came home and I thought about it for a while. Yes, that house is still my ultimate fantasy. But, it’s not my ideal.

Not anymore.

I have grown into my real life. It’s a life I love. I embrace it and am deeply grateful for it every single day. This life – it doesn’t quite mirror the fantasies I had as a child.

No, it’s different. But it’s better.

What if I were to super-impose the house we saw today onto my life now? The reality is, it wouldn’t fit.

Because that’s not what I want anymore.

A big part of my personal growth in the past few years has been the desire for LESS. Less stuff. Less stress. Less of the extras, to make room for the main thing.

And a big reason we decided to sell our house in the city, is because it was too much. It wasn’t a big house. Not at all. But it was a weight we no longer wanted to carry, in a place we didn’t love. When we bought it, we hadn’t yet formulated a long-term plan.

Now, we have a plan.

And folks, it would be foolish to veer from that goal now. We are in a position where we have the freedom to choose. And as much as I love that house – it would ultimately become an albatross. A regret. It doesn’t get us closer to our goal. Just the opposite, actually.

Granted, we could buy that house. But the financial constraints of the mortgage would be tight. And consequently, eliminate the possibility of purchasing investment real estate for the foreseeable future. Maybe ever.

Above all, we are looking at the big picture here. Freedom.

Not three stories of oak woodwork to dust every Saturday. I’m pretty sure that’s not freedom.

So, we’ll forge onward. The dream we have NOW is worth reaching for. One step at a time!

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