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Why I’m OK With Renting, After Owning a Home for 8 Years.


A fellow mama and favorite writer of mine Amber Haines said the other day,


The seasons groan a little louder as we age, don’t they?


I read this, and thought, oh my yes. They certainly do.

I’ve noticed that my experience of the passage of time is very different now, in my late 30’s.  In recent years I’ve come to love, even crave the cyclical shift of the seasons.

This is something I did not expect to happen.

As a lifelong resident of the upper Midwest, I spent many years bemoaning the long winters. But you know, there IS beauty to be savored in each season. Isn’t there?!

And not just the climatological seasons, but the seasons of life.

The funny thing about life, though – is that you never know which season is coming next.

I mean, not really. Sure, you know that you’re always getting older.  You know your children will eventually move on from toddler-hood and become school kids. You know to expect midlife will arrive about 40. You know the wrinkles around your eyes and the creak in your knees are a normal development. (I’m still making my peace with this. Give me time.)

But life itself, man. You NEVER know what it’s going to throw at you. Amiright?


The only constant is change.


Right now, this is the part where we live in a rental house that isn’t ideal for our family size or circumstances.

By the way, it is a common misconception that renting a home is, in general, an unwise financial position in which to place yourself. That idea, like most broad generalizations, is false. And, like most things in life, the truth is – it depends. On a lot of factors.

It has to do with the price-to-rent ratio in your area, interest rates, taxes, and a bazillion other things. If you really want to dig into the hard-core math, and solve the puzzle for your own situation, read Paula Pant’s in-depth discussion here. It’s thorough.

For us, it makes sense to rent because we are in the process of finding a home to buy. That could take a little while, considering the market here.

But this is now. 

And I’m settled in. It’s autumn.

After a summer of sunshine and long afternoons at the beach, I’m willing to embrace hot cups of afternoon tea, hours of Lego building on the kitchen table, and rainy evenings snuggled up with a throw blanket.

Soon enough, the tilt of the earth on its axis will push the weather into winter. Then spring. Then summer again. And on and on.


This season is temporary


I don’t know when exactly this season will shift. But, it will. When we sold our home, I knew the future was wide open. I knew it was a pit stop on our way to something else.

We sold at a good time. The market was crazy in April at the time we listed our home. We got more than we asked for. And now suddenly things have slowed down. Prices are dropping. We’re in a good spot.

So we wait.


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